I had the pleasure of working with a lovely lady by the name of Carol Bastos. not only was she cool, she was also very funny and such a treat to work with. Her son Bruno assisted her, as well was a second camera...
These particular ones were taken in 'Batman Alley'- right next to our house in Vila Madalena.
I was here 6 years ago with Lynn Cordeiro for some photos as well...Designs change, but the vibe is still the same. 
Thank you Carol and Bruno for such a lovely day and for such fun and colourful photos.


Photos taken at: Que Tal Hostel e Arte
Photos taken by: Marcos Willian

March 1st 2014- Photo by Carlos Matienzo

Photos: Lynn Cordeiro 2010
Photo: Paul Clarke
Photo: Kamila Wojulewska
Photo: KatyAnn Davidson
Photo: Kamila Wojulewska
Album Artwork: Michelle Wilson

Photo By: Dirk Heydemann August 2012

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