Tiniest of Hearts- I wrote this song while pregnant with my daughter Hannah.  I was scared, excited, confused and dying to meet this new being. Recording it in the studio with Rick Salt at the helm along with Doug Elliott on bass and Pat steward on drums was again, something very special to me. Rick recorded my very first solo album back in 1998, back when we recorded to real tape...I used to do a little bit of nannying for Doug Elliott when his firs son was just a wee one. It just felt nice to, years later, have the chance to work with these chums again. Not to mention, Tina Jones back in the studio with me, sharing her incredible vocal talent on the BGS....Thanks to Tash Baycroft at Filter Studios for this video, along with THE BEAUTY QUEEN, who did all hair and make up...Last but not least, Dirk Hedeymann who put a lot of heart and soul into the newest promo pics...I am so proud to say I got to spend a lot of my musical years in Nanaimo, and blessed to get to work with these peeps!                                     

So Frustrated- Nick Haggar and I wrote this song for our album Somewhere Near The Truth.
S.N.T.T was recorded, engineered, and produced by Geraldo Dominelli and we got to lay it all down at Mushroom Studios in Vancouver. The video was shot and edited by the one and only, Mischa Hrziwnatzki- Funded by a Video Fact Grant. I was living in New Westminster, B.C. at the time with my chums Kyle and Amanda Sellers...We shot the video in New West, and also had a bunch of really cool shots inside of Kyle Sellers really old funk cary that he refinished himself...None of those shots made it in the vid, but I am hoping one day, they will resurface..

Mississippi- Nick Haggar and I wrote this one for our album She Knows. It was recorded and produced by Doug Elliott...It was really fun making this album, partly because I got to hang out with Doug all of the time, but also because it was the first time I had really started co-writing. Nick Haggar and I made two more albums together after She Knows, and recorded a few singles. The video was filmed on hand held 16 mm camera by none other than Bob Wilson....I believe most of it was shot in Cornwall UK.