Saturday, January 19, 2013

Time keeps on ticking

Good morning!
It's a lovely 530 am here on a dark and cold Saturday morning, in Mexico! Wow, how our lives change. Not long ago, this would be the golden hour of 'The Guilty Birds' coming out, telling me to put the beer down, quit talking, and go to bed! Now I am up, WAY before they start chirping!
Just having a coffee and a little recap on all the fantastic shows I got to do while in The UK and Poland this past Christmas.
We spent a month in The U.K. with our Herbison family and Santa Claus of course... DUring that month, the kids had tonnes of good Grandma and Grandpa time, as well as some excellent 'Uncle Stu' time.- We hopped over on the infamous Ryan Air ( NOT CHEAP....lesson to self, don't bring a guitar next time...Sorry Ian!) to Lovely Warsaw, and spent 4 quick nights with our friends..I think I already mentioned this part.. Did I tell you that I got to play at The Warsaw Tortilla Factory?? and that Lindsay Martell joined me??? It was epic.
After our whirlwind Polish vist, we made it back to the UK, and prepared for our visit to Bozion Barn in Cornwall, for some rehearsals and Tractor driving...When in Cornwall...
*****To the right.....A picture of some 'rehearsing'- with Bob Wilson, Kevin Jefferies and Benjamin Morgan....Ian took the picture, and was in charge of overall organisation. 

   *** To the right....Blowing off steam Carnish Style!   

 *** After 2 days of rehearsal we head to London and a " Date with a very important Tate "- AFter having a lovely Breakfast with Mahmet in Wandsworth, we headed to the Tate Modern Museum. I was obviously missing my little munchkins as all of my favourites,look like something Hannah could EASILY pull off!



Anyways, the whole trip was fantastic, and we were very lucky to have such willing and capable babysitters AKA G'ma and G'Pa Torchy....It might be a hwile until we can return to this part of the world, but this past trip will tie us over for a long, long time!
Love Cami xx                                                                                                                                            
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