Thursday, February 14, 2013

If I have to stand for something...

Any of you who know me, know I am a master of 'The Fence'.
I can see both sides of pretty much any argument, even if I believe one side or the other.
I am not however, a pushover. I just am not good at arguing, or engaging in ANY un necessary confrontation. AT ALL. 
I believe in the good of all people, and I believe most everybody has the best intentions when they set out to do something...

I recently started a pledge music campaign for a new Ep. One of the cool things about this platform, is you can set up a chosen charity, and if you reach your intended goal, a percentage of pledgers cash, can go to the charity.

I originally chose the Salvation Army. I believe with my WHOLE heart in all of the wonderful things, the Salvation Army has done in some of the communities I have lived in. I am not religious in the way that I go to church, or subscribe to one religion or the other. I do however believe in God. I'm just not sure WHICH 'Package' I subscribe to.

It was pointed out to me a few days ago by someone who pledged on my new album, that they were happy to help me out, but in no way wanted their cash to go to the SA. They sent me a link and said that the SA is highly homophobic.

Now, to be entirely honest, I thought to myself, 'Well this IS a Religious Organization, I would imagine they are not really down with homosexuality as they are not down with a LOT of things........

This person sent me a recent-ish (June 25th 2012...I am SO behind on things) link with an interview between a Major Andrew Craibe  (Territorial Media relations Director for The Salvation Army in Victoria, Australia.) and a Radio Station called 'Joy 94.9 ', it was published on the website:

Basically, Major Craibe is saying that the belief of the Salvation Army is that:
 A) any practising homosexual (what the HELL does that band rehearsal? A Bunch of people getting together and going over their "Gay Parts" so they can be better?)  cannot be a member of the Salvation Army, no matter HOW involved they are and how devote they are. 
 B) The SA will help out homosexuals like all other people in need, and invite them to worship at their churches, BUT always with the knowledge that the 'practicing Gay person' should die****...etc etc.

***** I could NOT find these references myself ( Something about Romans Book 1, 18,32 when I skimmed through certain parts of the 380 page SA Handbook
Maybe it's been re-written, or maybe those references are for Australia only.Who KNOWS!
Listen for yourself: 

You can take a read through the guidebook if you like: 

My point of this blog is to say that if I have to stand up for something, and maybe piss some people off, I would have to say that I can't support any organization that promotes, or allows for certain people to feel superior over others( the kind of superior like, we are all equal and everything BUT I am going to heaven and you unfortunately because of your sexual orientation, ummm, well you are going to hell!) We are ALL equal. I don't think we all have to agree on how each person lives, or how people worship, but we don't have the right to condemn.
I wear fur, I support the military, I love uniforms, I eat meat and believe in occasional binge drinking, I don't always brush my teeth before bed, but demand that my daughter does. I love my husband, and love being married, I love my children, but also hate them some days. I am NOT perfect, nor am I good at debates.....But I know my tummy felt sore after reading a few articles about this issue, and I could not stop thinking about it.

My Grandma told me a cool theory once. She told me of when SHE was growing up on Cape Breton Island, and going to university ( she was trying to make a point about HOW LONG AGO this was) She learned that humans exist on a sexuality scale. On one side, is the incredibly Heterosexual, on the far otherside is the incredibly Homosexual. Every person sits somewhere on that scale. ( I am paraphrasing, you get my gist?) 
Some of the greatest people in my life are Gay. I would be such an idiot to support something, that really does not allow these people to live like I do.
So time to get off my Fence! 

Ok, back to the mundane blogs of my day to day activities!

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