Monday, March 31, 2008

March 2008 - Deeeeep Thoughts by Camille

Hey Guys and Gals…Thanks for taking time out of your busy schedules to meander through my website…. I am supposed to update this Journal page on a really regular basis, BUT I have figured that if I did that you might start to expect it and become bored…so by only RANDOMLY updating I feel there is still a sense of MYSTIC…. lol.


I have just spent a wonderful week in Nova Scotia, and got to perform at a couple of really cool venues…. One being The Student Union Building of Acadia University…. It was fun…although we played at UN ungodly hour of 10am…. I think a lot of my songs are too depressing to be heard at that time of day…but once we got the sound figured out… it was all good…. It was such a nice vibe in the building that even my depressing chick tunes seemed positive…lol

Later that night Glen McMullen and myself head over to The Union Street to perform to an almost full house…WHAT a blast that was…. I almost didn’t make it to the gig due to my navigational skills or “Lack There Of” You would think I should know my way around the Annapolis Valley by now…But Surprisingly I DON’T…Haaaaaa, Despite the Heavy Heavy rain so many people came out…Thanks to Kath, Nathan, Neil, &Ashley who came all the way from the city as well as Ron and Debbie Benda, and Debbie’s sister (They picked my aunt up…so it was a full crew…Where exactly they live, I am not sure, but I know it’s on a Mountain, and I know it was far away….) It was great to see all the staff from Centre 24/7

Glenn informed me that the staff of The Union Street had no idea it would be so busy, so I am glad to know we will definitely be performing there again this summer…
Well the official release of the new album is April 22/2008.

We are working with a publicist by the name of Karen Pace….She already makes me sound WAY more organized than I actually am, so I am very happy…CBC radio took 35 copies of the new album and have intention to play the single “I’ll Be Good” So as soon as we know when they have the albums in hand, I might have to ask you all to call in or e-mail in…

Nick and I have been working with Glenn McMullen (Zero space Music) who has recently just taken over the Toronto Based Record Company called SOP Records (Sound of Pop) He has been working his ass of to help us out as well as a few other artists that make up the roster….It’s so nice to have someone who believes in your dream and helps you focus…We both really are thankful for all of this help….

Well I think that is it for now…..

Will update again soon, and I PROMISE to get a few more tour dates on here…lol

Love you all . Love me back.

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