Wednesday, March 31, 2010

March 2010 - Artificial Joy

Hey guys and gals,
It's update time here....Gawd, you know when you have so much to say, but feel like you haven't been in touch for SO long, so you just keep putting it off........Well, this has been the case for me,I must admit!!

Nick and I have put out another little pop tune for you guys to check out. ARTIFICIAL JOY- We wrote this with the tongue-in-cheek attitude that EVERYBODY needs a little bit of 'artificial-Joy' to help us get through our day to day lives....I know I do!
A lot of changes have taken place in my life over the last year and a half...
          1) Marriage ( which led to..)
          2) Baby( which led to..)
          3) 'Moving Round Foreign Countries' like it's going out of   
               style (which  led to..)
          4) Several despairing attempts at learning new languages
               (which last but not least, led to..)
          5) Trying to figure out how to order coffee/ask directions/
              explain ailments to doctors using only my 'charming smile'       
              and my best attempts at # 4......

In this time though, Nick Haggar and I have continued to write music...He has done a lot of the 'writing music' part while I have added my observations and vocal
We have decided that we will try to put out a new song or two every few months and put them up on iTUNES ( Thanks Glenn - SOP GURU) and I will be putting up more acoustic vids on YOUTUBE ... I have really started to enjoy playing acoustically...I admit, it’s not quite the same on my own....I miss the buzz of playing with Great musicians...BUT I look forward to the challenge of finding some new people to work with while I am living here in Brazil. Oh yeah, I live in Brazil now....WEIRD!!!

Please go to iTUNES..  Buy the single Artificial Joy- Send me the receipt- RECEIVE an acoustic video of Artificial Joy plus another song off of one of my albums ( my choice...Surprises are fun!)
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