Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Music, New Website, and New Thoughts

Ahhhh, this is to be my very first blog written for you on my new site. I admit, I feel the pressure.
I would like to believe that a few of you may read this,and for those of you who do, I hope you find my random thoughts interesting and perhaps even enjoyable.

It has been a while since I last wrote, and in that time there have been a few major changes. 
I am currently living with my husband and our one year old daughter in Sao Paulo, Brazil. We have been here since the mid of January and really we love it. The locals have been more than welcoming to us GRINGOS, and hardly cringe anymore at the sound of us trying to speak Portuguese.

Over the last few months, I was still adjusting to being a mom, I think... Somebody told me it takes a year after having a child to feel normal again... I of course thought I would be 'normal' in a much shorter amount of time, but if I am honest with myself, I am only just now getting my confidence up again in regards to playing music, and getting the energy and drive back that you need in order to maintain a career as a musician. ( I know what you are thinking... musicians don't HAVE careers... lol)

We released our last single 'Artificial Joy' directly to iTUNES. We have had great response from people who have downloaded it, so we figure we will keep doing this over the next few months. Since Nick Haggar (co-writer on Somewhere Near The Truth , Carnarvon Street, and She Knows) is still in Vancouver, it has made our recording situation slightly more difficult... Lol.

I had the opportunity to play again in Warsaw this past Sept and October. The Warsaw Tortilla Factory in Warsaw, is a great venue to play your heart and soul our to!! The Polish and English crowds that come, always love to hear a new song, and it STILL puts a smile on my face to see a good part of the crowd singing along to 'Frustrated' and 'Spin The Bottle'. Not only did I get to show Warsaw all the new music that I have been sitting on, but should have a few of the songs captured on Video to put up here in the next month or so! While I was in Warsaw, I also had the chance to record another song with Chris Aiken. Chris is originally from Vancouver Island and not only is a great drummer and good friend, but is also an amazing producer. He produced and played on 'Artificial Joy' as well as our newest soon to be released single 'A Song By You'.

This December, I am really looking forward to playing in Vancouver with my old band LUVSHAK.
I get to have two nights with them on Dec 10th and 11th... Check on the TOUR page for details.

Well this is it for now,
Thank-you all very much for signing up to my mailing list, and please have a look around on this new blogsite. I would LOVE to have your feedback.

Best to everybody,
Oh Wait, I almost forgot. 
I need to thank two people here who recently have helped me out HUGELY......
Lynn Cordeiro, did the most recent photo shoot here in Sao Paulo, not only are the photos great, but she lent me THE coolest pair of 'rock-chick' boots! I also would like to thank Natalia Grandino who made sense of my Biography, and translated it into Portuguese.... MUITO OBRIGADA Natalia!!! (prometo estudar, i um dia, eu vou saber quando usar a palavra corretamente GOSTOSO)

Love you all,
Love me back!

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