Friday, October 29, 2010

White Sheets and White Towels

White pants, towels, shirts, table-cloths, napkins, cars, skirts, shoes...The list is endless.
Why, do we have them?
It's just another thing in our lives that holds us back...'The man, keeping us down' so to speak.
Just when I am feeling good in my life. Feeling perhaps, I am growing up,maybe even accomplishing a thing or two..Something white happens.
It could innocently enough begin as a white facecloth, or even a facecloth that is mostly white...At that very moment, I will manage to ruin it.
I now actually dread occasions where white things may be required...Weddings...hmmmm.
What about white sheets when staying over the night at the house of an aqaintence? You KNOW it's going to be all bad...One time this happened to me, and I actually bit my mouth in my sleep and let the TINIEST drop of blood hit the pillow case....DO you think I could get it out???? NOWAY.. People are really pretty cool to your face when this stuff happens...But you know deep down inside they are judging you..They put you in that category of " people who just can't handle the responsibility of white."
What is so wrong with a nice tweed, or a light beige corduroy??? hmmm
Anyways, I am only warning you . Don't let me have anything white....
Love you all,
Love me back
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