Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Spinal Tap moment

Gostaria de dar um grande obrigado ao Ricardo na Made in Brazil!
He along with all the other guys really made it easy for me to pretend for 10 minutes that I was COMPLETELY fluent in Portuguese!!! They didn't laugh at me..And when I explained I needed a cable for my guitar the was a 1/4 inch to XLR male three of the staff took the time to very slowly explain to me how to say this in Portuguese...Even wrote it down phonetically for me on a piece of paper...When I did go next door to get said cable made, the guy spoke
I just picked up a little acoustic guitar amp (ONERRfrom their store...Its a type that is made here in Brazil, and to my huge liking, was quite affordable, AND sounds good. I did however have  one of those stressful SPINAL TAP moments in the music store.
I was looking at buying an amp...I am never good at this kind of stuff in the first place...I always just want to buy the thing and get out quickly...I also don't really look around at options either...
Okay, so I looked at the amp...It was cute, small, black with red corners, had some reverb on it, I thought - Sounds ( looks) good to me. 
Ahhhhhhhh, but no you see- I then had to try it...
I said, "no thats okay...I am sure it's fine" 
He said (Ricardo)  " Please, try it! "
Okay, so then I am being all hooked up, batteries installed in pedal, volume cranked, stool put down for me to sit on and really get my 'in-music-store-trying-out-amp-funk on'!
The problem is I can't play Stairway to Heaven, I can't play Girl from Ipanema ( I always thought it was Girl from IMPanema)
I CAN play a good solid back up  rhythm on Proud Mary...But who wants to hear that...I mean if you are going to go into a music store and even buy a PICK...You had better have at least ONE fancy two minute riff that you can proudly display with complete disdain-telling everyone that works in the store and comes in off the street that...The riff you are playing is just the TIP of the riff catalogue you store at your fingertips......sigh. 
Needless to say, I am now taking guitar lessons so the next time I go into a Brazilian music store I can AT least play at a relatively quick speed perhaps a Cmaj pentatonic scale and maybe even reference a phrase or two from Girl from Ipanema!
Love you all,
Love me back,
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