Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Whew...1st one is over with!

Last night I played my first 'real-gig' in Sao Paulo. Away from the comfort and safety of my living room, I got to belt out some favourites with two new friends!
Thank-you to everyone who dragged themselves away from their kid's, spouses, T.V's and Bed's to come out and support me. I know now, gigging is slightly different than before...I never used to sneak out of the house, guitar in hand, hoping our 1 year old doesn't notice that I am going out as she is being frantically entertained by a stuffed puppy named  Renaldo and a very patient baby-sitter named Rosa!

I was relieved by some small factor, that the majority of the audience was English speaking...Also very glad that my Portuguese teacher who SWORE she was coming, Didn'
I have those bad dreams where I have to speak Portuguese, and nobody understands me , and people are laughing etcetc...The only problem is both of those things happen to me daily, so it's not like I wake up and say to self " Self, it's only a dream, relax"...sigh
Anyways, next week we will be adding a drummer to our line-up, and the guys want to play on more songs..SO we will learn a few more of the original tunes...

See you all next week...Thanks for the support... I promise to have more interesting things to talk about..Although, just ask Lynn, It's probably good if I don't speak...And just play music! Lol
Love you all,
Love me back!
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