Wednesday, November 10, 2010

New Favourite place...

Hey if you are in the Jardim Paulista area and want to get something kind of funky...Check out
Roxane Dreams - (al.Lorena 1635)

I have wandered into the shop a million times since coming to Sao Paulo. Usually I just look and buy a hair clip or a scarf or some little colourful thing...The first person I have met is Dani. Dani (I think) works also at a club that has live music, although I can't remember the name...Her husband is a musician and travels to the United States a lot...This is great for Dani and her HUGE love of Cowboy Boots!!!! The other day I met owner Roxane...Super cool lady, her brother is the musician that Dani is married too...Roxane has just brought a bunch of stuff in from Mexico and her Mother has brought stuff from the UK and ( I think) her brother brings stuff from the US...So needless to say, they have a really big selection of things you don't normally see around here...I am off to their place this afternoon to give Roxane a CD...
Anyways, even if you just go for a look...its such a great place.
K, ByeBye
Cami x
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