Thursday, January 20, 2011

A timely update

Well if you can't update often, one should at least update monthly, and on the same day of the month preferably, as this shows that at least you are conscience of you updates.....WHATEVER!!
Hey guys and gals,
I am back, fresh from my month long vacation in Vancouver, BC. After spending all that time in Beautiful British Columbia I have thought of a few self improvements. I am ready to lose weight, eat better, drink less, sleep more efficiently, write better songs, have a cooler-more-modern wardrobe whilst avoiding spending money, be kinder to the environment by recycling everything, donate used clothing when I can (preferably mine), eat more pro-biotics,use less hair conditioner, bring my 14month old daughter to at least three mentally stimulating, social skill- building classes per week and have deep, meaningful conversations IN portuguese with the front door dudes who work in my apartment building....
With my 1st attempt at losing weight last week, I came up with a fantastic plan for our family (excluding Hannah and Ian) to stop eating any dairy for a month...Well that plan worked for about 30 minutes. I don't know what happened, but this complete fear came over me...I honestly started to panic about WHATEVER would I eat, if I couldn't eat cheese. Well with that onset of panic, I immediately went out to get groceries, and without even doing it on purpose (honestly) I bought about 4 different types of cheese and made Lasagna for dinner...That'll show em! The rest of my self-improvement techniques have not really been going so well at least I didn't eat cheese for a whole 30 minutes...sigh

SO as I have shown you my complete lack of will power, I hope this will not affect your love of music, and preferably some of the music you love will still be mine!!!!
I have two shows coming up her in Sao Paulo in March. Friday March 18th and Friday April 1st. We will be playing at the same venue as before (Buchanan's Lounge) and although I was slightly worried about their "paying the band " practices, I did in the end get paid, and have come to accept the cultural differences and the laid back methods used here in this country when one person has to part with money and give it to another person...They are just "laid-back", I mean its hot here...People walk generally slower than I have ever even dreamed possible, so really it makes sense...You know, with the slow walking, it just means that EVERYTHING takes longer...
I also am very thrilled to say I am going back to play in Warsaw the end of September and early October...But, man that is AGES away...Will get back to that when it is closer..
That is my small, pathetic, but fairly honest update!
Hope you are all well, and hope Santa was good to you!
Love you all, Love me back

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