Monday, December 20, 2010

NAKEDJAMS ( warning: No clothes were removed in the making of this Blog)

I am BACK! ha, I bet you thought I was never going to update after that last blog...Well this is just a quick one to give tonnes of thanks (or 'MAD PROPS' for those of my younger-hipper-street-talking -gansta-fans...Well, my cousin Emily is 12, that counts doesn't it?) to Tash Baycroft of NAKEDJAMS for embracing the freezing cold Canadian Winter, and making some damned fine videos for me and for all the other local musicians his crew support!
I also want to thank Gabrielle and Jesse Bone.
Gabrielle, was the funky,cool chick who was responsible for the sound and for following me with the microphone that, btw resembled a little kitten...I digress.
Jesse Bone took the still photos...I have to hit him up to see if I can post some of them.

The little vid of me singing the Christmas Carol was priceless, as the little baby in the background started screaming on the top of his lungs as soon as I started singing...Heehee, that sweet,calming effect I have on children..Or it could have been Santa's fault?

Anyways, Merry Christmas to you guys, Happy NewYear also.
Mostly though, I wish for everyone an endless supply of good food, great health and excellent alcoholic drinks with NO hangovers!

Love Camille
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