Thursday, October 18, 2012

I admit since becoming a mommy I have signed up to a lot of cool blogs with all the best intentions in the world set on reading them. On occasion, I get the chance to skim through a few. The skimming is not a way of showing any disrespect to the writer, it's just a mere reflection of my scattered state of mind...'skimming' anything, is a luxurious treat. One of the blogs I like to read is by a woman named Josephine Middleton, she writes for  and her blog caught my eye with it's lovely title ' Slummy Single Mummy'.. I loved the title and soon realized after reading a few of her posts, that she would be really fun to have a beer with ( I have No idea if she drinks beer, but in my imagination she can handle a pint or two!)... She has a great sense of humour, and when you are raising kids, I think you need one, or at least need to surround yourself with people who THINK you have a great sense of humour! I wrote to her trying to explain my situation in the least 'blabby' way, and to my HUGE surprise she wrote back...She had listened to Tiniest of Hearts and even her boyfriend liked I know my husband likes the song, but that is because he is required to by law since he so cleverly made  me pregnant and hormonal in the first place, leaving me no choice but to write a gushy song about mother hood...He had Better like it....But a complete 'man-stranger' giving it the thumbs up....
I would like to thank Josephine for introducing me to her 'Mum friends' and of course to another whole bunch of cool blogs, which maybe, just maybe I will get the time to read, not skim.

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