Saturday, October 20, 2012

Start The New Year off right?

Sitting in my kitchen this morning, children have been fed,changed.Winnie the Poo is the temporary babysitter as I try to do some sneaky (not so) e-mails and general Facebook stalking. I am on my second coffee and already the golden tones of my lovely daughter whining Maaaaaaaawmy, are gently starting to wear me down...It's only 830am. It's a big day today as we have HUUUUUGE park plans...but again, those plans don't take place for another 3
So, before I book off I wanted to leave you with some food for thought if you will be in the Warsaw neighbourhood this New Years Day. I have been asked back to perform at the infamous Warsaw Tortilla Factory  for an early show on New Years Day. So keep in mind if for some reason you just don't get enough the night before whilst bringing in the New Year, come and hang out with me and I will help you celebrate! I will start practicing my long forgotten Polish now....jeszcze jedno piwo proszÄ™!

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