Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Oh man, you have to listen to this album.
I am not a person who has the right to review a person's art, but if I were talented in this kind of field and if I were given the green light I would say this: All The Fires have created a soundtrack to the ups and mostly downs of the every day person. While the voices are gentle and tender, and the lyrics are so painful, this whole album makes me know deep in my soul that everything, and I mean EVERTHING will be ok...You just have to listen and breathe and believe. I am cheesy this way. I believe in good and happy endings. I believe that you cannot write this kind of beautiful, sadness unless you have lived and breathed pain, and after all of that living and breathing; just sat, and carried on. That is when the beauty happens.You have to wait, and go on experiencing all that life gives us.

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