Thursday, September 6, 2012

Hola Dudes and Dudettes!

Writing to you today from the neighbourhood of Colonia Escandón in Mexico City. Somewhere on the border of Condesa...Almost close enough to say we live in Condesa, and fairly close to Polanco. Now I know most of you ( including myself as of last week) have no idea or really care where these places are. But I thought I would name drop a few of these neighbourhoods in hopes that if I ever get lost or don't show up home at dinner time, somebody out there, will have an idea where I am supposed to be!!
I am loving it here already. I guess I am a sucker for the South American ( Although I know Mexico is not in South America) feel or the Latina feel.
Hannah has started going to a preschool a few metres from our house, and has already made friends,although her teachers have told me that she hasn't yet really spoken to anyone, in her mind, all of those kids are her mates! Good enough for me. This is a picture of her getting ready for school- I think she looks like Snoopy, when he would do his happy dance.
I have found out very quickly that although it is 25 degrees outside, which is not the norm for this time of year, everyone is dressed in jeans and sweaters or jeans (very tight jeans) and boots and t-shirts (also very form fitting) and they do give me the strangest of looks walking around in flip-flops and dresses, and I have definitely had some disapproving looks in the morning when I bring the kids out sans blankets and sweaters. So next week I shall find some suitable shoes, and bundle up! When in Rome...
I am excited to maybe teach some music classes at Hannah's little school, the head teacher once dated a Canadian (he is from Toronto and she found him 'strange' - Sorry TO) and is very excited at the thought of me doing some Spanglish music classes, plus having to speak Spanish to two year olds will SURELY improve my Spanish PRONTO! 
I have already had several deep conversations with 2 year olds in the park by our apartment, most of the conversations being 15 seconds or less, and ALL ending with "Why do I speak English?"...I think its a conspiracy.I did though, have a long conversation with the grandfather of Hannah's new best friend 'Emilio'- He asked me if Sammy could walk (after asking the age) and then asked me WHY he couldn't yet...I blamed it all on the stroller (I haven't seen a Mexican use a stroller yet) and the fact that our kids are too big...I don't think he understood the last part,which in hindsight is a good thing. He did however,give me a toothless grin and finished with "Hasta Mañana"! So, I think I am in the group! I will let you all know tomorrow- I shall leave you with some pics!

A little Cupcake place...
Sidewalk neighbourhood markings...
People getting ready for Mexican Independence Day, September 15th!
See Darren! They drink Jack Daniels here too....MASSIVE sign.

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