Monday, December 3, 2012

New Album Digital Download Bundles

This time last year, I had already been ready for Christmas for about 3 weeks. I also was 6 days away from giving birth to our baby boy, Samuel James Herbison. I was very fat, very sore and completely high on hormones.... (Natural hormones...THE best, if you can get yourself some, I would highly suggest it!)
Now that we have had Sammy in our family for almost a year, I can't imagine what my life was like before. When I sneak around the corner, quiet as a mouse (or a mom) and look in on Samuel making his 3 year old sister laugh her head off, I can't begin to describe the joy it gives me. I guess I am privy to these feelings of joy, so that I can fall back on them when Samuel and Hannah are trying to kill each other at some point in the future!

We are 2 weeks away from heading to the UK to have Christmas with my inlaws. I can tell you that while I am not anywhere even close to being ready for Christmas this year, I know the second we hit British soil, Christmas will be 'GAME ON'!
While in the UK, I get the chance to play some shows with some old friends and great musicians....I mean, they aren't old, in fact most of them are younger than me and even if they weren't my friends, they still would be great musicians...Oh you know what I mean...I hope I will see some of you who read this, and live in the U.K. at our shows. Take a quick look at the 'Shows' link to see upcoming dates.
Here is a link to my new album 'Parallel to the Sea'. Please have a listen...I hope you will enjoy it.

For any of your digital purchases, I will include a PDF of the artwork and lyrics and also a free download code for a previous album.

I hope all of you are enjoying the tiniest ones that you have in your life...Much love, Camille xxx

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