Sunday, December 9, 2012

Sisterly Love

 Hannah has been planning for two days now just how she was going to help Sammy eat his birthday cake. She also 'helped' out wrapping a small present she picked for Sammy by covering the little car in an inch or two of glue stick, and then proceeded to cover the gift up in tiny pieces of ripped paper. The paper, WAS at one point, lyrics of mine that I had been working on...So in a way, I had to be proud of her for her natural use of  recycling, but I now fear for any piece of paper that may be lying around the house.

After spending a lovely afternoon at the park we ventured back to begin the cake eating, balloon throwing, candle blowing, song singing, Skype celebrating that makes a modern day first birthday.We partied hard with a selection of Mexican dance tunes ( requested by Hannah ) and there was only one mention from Hannah to get her a 'bucket'...So far, most of the cake was consumed, and now both kids are playing/crying and fighting in the playroom...To me, this feels like a successful 1st birthday. Part of me feels a little bit sad that we are away from family and friends, or that we have only just been here in Mexico long enough to know a few people...But even though his party was small, it had all of the important factors needed. Cake ( too much ) balloons, family, an eager sister, Skype calls with the G'mas, well wishes from friends near and far, and most importantly a glue stick covered toy car picked out by his favourite sister...Now if only ALL birthdays could be this easy!!

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