Wednesday, January 9, 2013

London or Bust!

Well, I got to spend the day wandering around London (childless) and doing various bits of shopping! Ian....Umm, Santa got me a gift card for H+M and needless to say, I had fun. Now, there is nothing worse than trying on clothes when your hair looks like you just woke up and ran out of the house, although that is what I did. So I went on a search for a hairdresser. After asking a few people, most of which were visitors like myself, a kind lady pointed me to Poland Street. Now as you all know I have a huge crush on Poland in general, so I was thrilled to go check out this little street. On it, I quickly found Harringtons. I walked in and only had to beg for a second, as it was clear that my head needed help. I got a haircut. Now why do I need to tell you this? I had my hair washed in a massage chair, and the little head massage with the hair conditioner was good enough to me...I would have paid just for that. I know this fact is sad.  (I also had not had a hair cut since the LOVELY Beauty Queen in Nanaimo had given me a cut in July...I was desperate!)
Anyways, Rachel looked after me, and she approached my head very strategically. She took into consideration that I needed Maximum volume, and that I have 'weird-curly-post-baby-fringe' at the front of my head, and that the fringe was not done by me in an attempt to cut my hair myself. She did also confirm that other Mums have the same thing going on!
The whole reason for this is to let any of you out there, who like me decide they need grooming, INSTANTLY...I would come here. It is such a lovely salon, great staff, FANCY WATER ( always important ) and even a cute little salon doggie!!!
Thanks Rachel ( I didn't ask how to spell your name...oooops)

I am now almost ready to WRAWK at The Bedford Arms tonight and The 12Bar tomorrow night! Tchau...Cam xxx
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