Friday, January 4, 2013

Dummies, Polish Pottery and Rock n Roll 2013

I can't think of a better way to start the New Year than spending time with good friends, playing music, entertaining over chocolate-ed toddlers and buying Polish Pottery...Call me crazy. It's how I roll.

We just came back from a whirlwind trip to Warsaw. 3.5 days was not enough, but we got to spend time with all of our friends. We got to meet brand new baby Leo (congrats Lindsay and Monika) as well as Jim and Ewa's son Dan. That alone, is such a change from a few years back...Time flies once you start repopulating...haaahaa.

It was a thrill to be back performing at The Warsaw Tortilla Factory. This place is special to me, and the more than warm reception made me feel like I had never left....It's been a long time since I had played solo all night, and although I was rusty, I GAVER as best as a girl from Nanaimo can!

Hanging out with my good friend Gill Boelman, she opened my eyes to incredible random pieces of street art that runs a plenty through Warsaw. She had started photographing the art, and framing them, with added brilliant captions....I love it. Such a great idea. This one here is on a support post of a bridge. She has titled it "The Polish Hangover" - So fitting.

Another beauty- "Recycle for Growth

So in between rocking out, and looking after children, I did try to drink too much, stay up too late and talk way too much. I was successful one night, but that is all I can handle these days.The rest of the time was spent in search of my obsession. Polish Pottery. Since we flew Ryan Air, I had about a 2lb baggage luggage allowance...So with this in consideration. I persevered.
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