Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Don't bore us show us the....BRIDGE!

Somebody recently told me there are no such thing as bridges in pop songs anymore. That statement alone, almost had me giving up on music altogether. I like the verse, I like the chorus, but to me THE BRIDGE, is where all the funky shit happens...If not word wise, then at least musically.
I have band crushes like any normal 40 year old mother of two. The difference between me and the other moms though is I have a potty mouth like any proper musician and I play a very, VERY mean air guitar...I digress.

The last album I was super stoked about is by my friends from Sunny Cornwall in The Uk. All The Fires put out an amazing album, that I still wish I had written at least one word on.But my most recent favourite, the one I am listening to right now, as I type and make dinner for two very hungry munchkins, AND pretend I am not on the computer... is this new one by the  ODDS
They not only have cool bridges, but when I hear their songs, I always WANT to be so much better as a songwriter. I have accepted the fact that I will never write really cool lyrics....I mean the kind that make you go " Fuck that's cool, why can't I write that " I am ok with that...I will be happy to have my next album have ODDS harmonies...yes, that will suffice!!
Take a listen for yourself....
Plus, ummmm a side note.
They play hockey, drink beer, swear, appreciate the beauty of a good quality touque.....All good things in my books
Love Cam

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