Monday, March 25, 2013

Reading Edwin Kolausok

Well most of you know I have embarked on a Pledge Music Campaign. what most of you don't know, is just how many lovely, and talented people I have met in the past 40 days, who have contributed to me making art. These people are all artists themselves, and it really feels like a bit of a funky community. One of the people I am speaking about is Edwin Kolausok.
Edwin was a fan of the band I was in for ages out of Vancouver called LUVSHAK....
when I started the pledge campaign, he literally came out of nowhere, and started getting involved...lots of ideas and great feedback when I posted new songs. He has his own Film and music production company called Aataa Dene Productions. He has worked on many projects, but mainly focusses on projects with Indigenous People and is now focusing now on a 2 hour documentary of a Dene Artist.
Edwin sent me these words, and they made me cry. I thought of a few very good friends of mine, whose families have had to deal with residential schools in Canada.Every country has something to feel pain about, this is one of ours.
Thanks Edwin for your words!

Danny Girl

Oh Danny Girl, the boys the boys are pulling

Pulling the children out of homes and community across the nation

The children are gone; the heart of the community is dying

'Tis you, 'tis you government from whom we must hide

You cut my hair, stole my moccasins and placed a number on me

Then took the language from all of we

First Nations rise from the holocaust residential shadow

Oh Danny Girl, Oh Danny Girl, I’ll always love you so

And if we meet again, in our home community

If my soul is dead, then help me rise into my culture

I pray you’ll listen and understand what they did to me

Then hold my hand and guide me

Oh Danny Girl, I’ll always love you so

Oh Danny Girl, you will help and watch me grow

And as we heal, we shall hear the joy of unity

And our residential school experiences will strengthen our culture and community

And you will embrace my hand and say that you love me so

And I shall live in peace because you’ve rescued me

Oh, Danny Girl, the families are pulling

Pulling the children back to homes across the nation

The children are home, the hearts of the communities are trying

'Tis you, 'tis you government the reason we are crying

Oh Danny Girl, now you’re gone and life is trying

Your heart was broken when your children were taken all crying

But we have risen again, into the genes of our cultural unity

My soul was dead, but now I see my soul as part of the beauty of our community

Now the shame is crushed

No more pain is hushed

Healing is hard but those that are brave will get the love they craved

HerAnd never remain a church or government puppet enslaved

Oh Danny Girl, Oh Danny Girl, you suffered for all

Oh Danny Girl I’ll always love you so

Oh Danny Girl, I’ll always love you so

By Edwin Kolausok,
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