Monday, June 10, 2013

Musings of a Nutbar!

Hello Folks,
I am writing you from sunny/rainy Mexico City!
It's quiet here in my house at the moment, all you can hear is the happy news reports from CNN, the fast and furious typing of my husband on his laptop, and the slow and often foul language ridden sounds of me typing and wanting to smash my laptop....Pretty much normal for Monday night.( The image on the right is actually what I look like right now...)

For those of you who have known me for a while... You know I was in a cover band for 9 years called LUVSHAK. I loved playing with them, and of course they are STILL out there rocking the bars,clubs, casinos and wherever else a group of people get together to party. Well I am really thrilled to have found a band here in Mexico that I have just started working with. We are working on our setlist, building material and bad band jokes...Banda Radio Central is a five piece band made up
of A Brazilian keyboardist, an American Guitarist, A Canadian (that would be me), A Polish Drummer and an Englishman on Bass....I am really having a blast, and appreciate working in a group again and making music...

Coming up this July 6th- from 2pm-5pm

I along with Manda Chelmak of Headliners School of Performing Arts, have put together a stellar outdoor, all ages benefit concert for Big Brothers and Big Sisters. This happens on Saturday, July the 6th from 2pm- 5pm...Check out the Poster for details!!!!! I am very excited to have such a wicked back up band...Pat Steward and Murray Atkinson from ODDS,and Lance Lapointe on bass.... I have wanted to play with these guys all together for ages!
There is a small chance also, that Edwin Kolousok (One of our pledgers and huge music supporter) and his production company may be able to film the benefit.

Sunday July 7th, Pat will be working with me in the studio to lay down all the drums for the new EP.
Here is the titles of all of the songs!! ( Might be in a different order though )
1) More Than This
2) Guilty Birds
3) Ginger Rogers ( co-write by C. Miller and A. Pierce )
4) Heart and Soul
5) Roam ( co-write by N. Haggar and C. Miller )
6) Travelling Light ( Thank you Pledgers for your help with the title)
7) Get'er Done!
Monday, July 8th-10th will be spent in the Studio creating the álbum. I am so excited to get to work with my friends and longtime music partners in creating this álbum!

The Band: Me
                  Pat Steward- Drums
                  Murray Atkinson- Guitar
                  Lance Lapointe-Bass
( AWESOME band! Woo Woo )

Saturday, July 27th - Crofton Pub- Crofton
Sunday, July 28th - Simon Holt - Nanaimo
Monday, July 29th - Duncan Daze Fest - Duncan

More to come once I get to Canada.... Oh BTW, for those of you who have been keeping up with my crazy PLEDGE MUSIC CAMPAIGN, the Tshirts have arrived and the Funky USB Hardrives have arrived. SO I shall be loading up videos and songs for those pledgers who bought the hardrives and I will be getting Tshirts off to those of you who have ordered them...ALSO in the next few weeks I will be sending out Handwritten Lyrics to those of you who want them!!!
From now until the álbum comes out, any more pledges that come in, 15% will be going to The Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Central Vancouver Island....We are at 500CAD sofar, and I would LOVE to raise 1,000CAD for them!
Much Love,
Camille Miller xxx
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