Thursday, April 18, 2013

Oh Canada

I have now been home in Canada for a week and a half.Hannah and Sammy are having a BLAST, this shot of them sitting calmly in the stroller only lasted a along as it took me to take the picture, but, they are still having a blast!

This picture I took because I told Hannah that once we got close to home she could  get out of the stroller and 'roll home', i thought she would forget about that part, but no, she didn't. This is a few steps away from our house...I also was inspire by my good friend Gilly Boelman, who also appreciates the SHADOWS

I have just started recording my new Ep called 'More Than This'. I am doing a pledge Music Campaign and we have already reached 90%...But I have ONLY 20 more hours to reach my goal...if you want to pre purchase this ep, you can check it out here Camille Miller Pledge Music

 Ok, it was dress up time, and it was my turn to be an ogre. Photo by Hannah

One of the exclusives I have if you are a pledger....Lyrics, handwritten, I also can provide tears, smeared make-up, coffee stains and scents of Alcohol....ummm, I digress, as usual!

Love you all, Love me back!
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