Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Friendly Neighbours, and Gardening Angels

So today was almost, 100%, totally perfect.
We (me and the kids, and the rest of the world) got up, ate breakfast, yada, yada,yada...All normal here.
Then had an invite from our neighbours for Hannah and Sammy to go over to their house to watch a movie and eat popcorn...(Thankyou, Thankyou, Thankyou Peggy and Bob!)
Hannah was so excited about this, she was preparing to go all morning by putting all sorts of different hair gels and face creams in her hair...It was messy, but I digress.
After dropping off my munchkins, I was faced with the issue of trying to figure out what to do with myself for an hour...Initially I thought I would go nuts and clean the house like a madwoman (like EVERYBODY would do with a free hour...), then I thought I would attempt my new 1,000 piece puzzle, in piece, whilst I still could find all of the pieces...All of that thinking took about 15 minutes...
So I scrapped all of those ideas and went with practicing my guitar for my upcoming shows...
SO while this was happening, my visiting sister-in-law-ish (I say 'ish' as they aren't married, but those are just details...You know what I mean!) Annie started to get some mean gardening action on...So, there was some babysitting action, gardening AND practicing...All before 2pm...
The part where it turns, is where I spend 40 minutes looking for my car keys...I looked in every single place that I thought I could place them...Dirty laundry bin, refrigerator, trunk of the car, diaper bag, kids toy trunk....You know, all of the obvious places. Luckily I was saved once again by the visiting gardening angel( ummm who also bakes a mean cheesecake, although she absolutely does not share the love of kitchy aprons like I so sadly do ) A.K.A Annie....She found my car key hanging by itself on the keychain by the front door, where I ALWAYS put it.
After recovering from this setback, I packed the car, and kids, and all things that accompany and we headed off to the Studio in Nanaimo to put down some Piano and Rhodes tracks.
Another amazing musician and friend, Murray Atkinson came in and played on three songs...Thank-you Murray...and Rick, sorry for being an hour late, and filling up your front room with playpens,bags of food, diapers and grapes.

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