Wednesday, November 13, 2013

More Than This is here!

Hello Guys,
It's been 9 months since conception so to speak and my newest baby has arrived.
I am eternally grateful that I was supported by so many people, and in turn afforded the time and financial support that you all gave by pledging and pre- purchasing my album....Thank you so much.
Rick Salt of Lois Lane Studios, it brings me to tears to think of all the years of work you have put into doing what you do. I am very very honoured to have made ANOTHER musical recording with you behind the wheel so to speak.
To Tina Jones, Pat Steward, Doug Elliott, Duncan Symonds, Marisha Devoin, Joel Spillette, Chris Aiken, Lindsay Martell, Kenny Scardina,and Steve O'connor, thank you all for being the KICK ASS musicians and friends that you are.
Much love,

If you would like a Digital copy of the album, you can find it here for $7.00

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