Thursday, January 30, 2014

Guilty Birds in Mexico City

Well it's been quite a busy few weeks.
We arrived back to DF from Canada after an amazing holiday. Christmastime is always special, but so much more when you get to spend it with family and friends in your hometown and own HOME!

I came back thinking that I needed to take a break from playing and or writing music, as I was having a hard time balancing my inner ROCKGODDESS with my ever more challenging Martha Stewart. No one warned me when having children, that these two personalities are often NOT compatible.

Once here in Mexico City, it only took me a couple of days before (after an especially harrowing walk home from my son's daycare...another blog altogether!) realizing, I NEED TO ROCK...I NEED to make music, and sing and create....How I do this, is an ever evolving process...Process is good, as slow as it may be.

I had the idea of making a video, and had hoped with the contacts I have made here in DF, that I could possibly work with some very creative people. So I set out via the worldwide web to pitch two songs off of my new album ( More Than This ).

I started with Ginger Rogers and Guilty Birds.

Guilty Birds won with a landslide.

Saturday, March the 1st we are shooting a video for Guilty Birds.

The crew are made up of: Jose Grageda, Carlos Matienzo and Mariana Orangina.
(check out STROBESTUDIOS) I first worked with the three of them with Busking Mexico

We have an amazing location to shoot thanks to my landlord Jorge Zurita.

For the first time in my experiences I have 'actors' in the video....They are two incredibly cool friends who are our temporary,seasonal neighbours from Finland. Kiia Waden ( who will basically play my friend, partner in crime and ALTER EGO ) is a lovely lady, mum,wife and SUPERMODEL....haaahaa, her husband Kimmo Tuhola is a Snowboarder,Surfer,musician,Dad, and a commercial architect...Okay enough 'foreign-name-dropping'   WEAK as  The Dominelli's would say!

If you would like to follow along the process of the video making, and share it with your friends and or contribute by pre-purchasing your own copy of this whole crazy mess, you can do so here!

or you can just watch my little vid, talking about MAKING a

Much love,

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