Saturday, February 8, 2014

Keep it in The Family

My uncle is a great photographer.
He is an independent soul and business owner.
He makes FANTASTIC greeting cards....Just thought I would put that out there...
ummmm, he also make WICKED bread.

A cool moment for me was this past January, when I was coming out of the studio after working with Rick Salt of Lois Lane Studios.
I was with my cousin ( daughter of Terry, my uncle...The one I am talking about- Keep up already!) Emily Rose McTavish. She turned back to say goodbye to Rick and saw a framed-poster of this very picture. (avert your eyes right!) She was really happy to know that her Dad's image was elsewhere, was out there, was making the rounds in another venue!

You can find these pictures or greeting cards with amazing images here or in Chapters, or on The BC Ferries, or in London Drugs, or millions of other places...
Just thought I would share, as he is really good, and as got some really great new images up his sleeve and of course it's always nice to buy something from someone, rather than buy something from just 'a store' ...if that makes sense.

Much love,
Cam xxxxx

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