Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Life, Music and Summer in Canada!

Hello Peeps!
I have had THE craziest week...I think my body is trying to kill me...I have fallen over in public several times as of late...My 3 year old son tried to break my nose, whilst snuggling with me in a rather crazy/psycho toddler cloud of energy....I am thinking in retrospect, it's my body getting me back for temporarily making it JOG for excessive distances and with little or no notice...After taking part (small part) of a 75KM Marathon 2 weeks ago, I am convinced my body is gently reminding me that I am

Anyways, besides all of that, all is well here in our lives.
I am getting VERY VERY VERY excited to come back to Canada in about 2 weeks time...I still have a few things to finish up here, so have not yet COMPLETELY let the fact sink in that is has been a YEAR since we were home...The longest time away from my parents since I was a tiny little egg....I digress...SKYPE is amazing for the separation, although the tendency leans to excited drunk calls...which I imagine gets boring ( got boring ) a few years ago when we first moved out of the country...So I am MUCH more thrilled to get the real life contact very soon..

I have had the most amazing experience of my life, getting to work in an amazing Pre-School here in Sao Paulo. It's the same school that both our children go to, and I was lucky to get to be the MUSIC TEACHER...Anyways, this amazing and beautiful little school closes it's doors for good next week...All of the kids are moving on to other schools as well the teachers. Although it was a short time, this experience has fueled my desire to become a pre-school teacher...While spending time with these little people over the past 6 months, I had a bit of a captive audience (heeheeee). I had a TONNE of time to learn children's songs as WELL as time to write more music for me...Or for Adults...I have not felt so relaxed about music in years, and playing music to 4 year olds is therapy for any musician I believe..

So on that note I am letting you all know that I am starting the process of another album...I have a few songs that were written AGES ago, that never were recorded, along with 5 NEW songs...I am taking time this summer to hopefully write some more with friends and bring stuff back here to Brazil. My friend Caetano Malta, who recently is playing and recording on Lucas Santtana's most recent work has given the thumbs up to producing this new album, and I on the other hand have to work on trying out some new ideas...I am looking forward to this challenge and have already enjoyed the ideas that have come forward....I have always written on Guitar, which has limited me in some ways...But now I am venturing out onto Piano...Played very badly, I can assure you...But sometimes maybe this insecurity opens up another channel...Another vibe...We will see...I am too old to start experimenting with drugs, so am hoping the change of instruments will do....HAAHAAAAAAA!

Love you ALL,
Love me back.
Cami xxxx

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