Monday, May 11, 2015

"Take off Eh, Ya Hoser"

Now, if that phrase is not common to you, you MAY not be Canadian, or worse you may never have seen Bob and Doug Mckenzie from one of my favourite shows SCTV...All of the above is ok...But here is a little bit of info, just to keep you updated!


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For other uses, see Hoser (disambiguation).
Hoser is both a slang term and a derogatory term, originating from Canada and used primarily by those imitating Canadians.[1] It is not often used by Canadians, but it is sometimes used as "typical" Canadian slang by others. The term "hoser" gained popularity from the comedic skits by Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas (also known as Bob and Doug McKenzie) in SCTV’s "The Great White North" segments.[2]

I realised just now whilst looking at my own website ( we ALL do that...ummm don't we?) that I had not posted anything since December, and even that post was short, sweet, and slightly depressing. I would like to let everyone know that ALL is well...I am still out 'GIVN'R' ,(another Canadian phrase, which basically means working ones balls off...) making music, raising babies hanging with Brazilian cops and having small car crashes in Latin American countries...

In spirit of my HOSER comment, I leave you with a new acoustic cover I just managed to squeak out
 (after 57 takes) by HOZIER...Lots of Love, Cami xxxx
If you are in the Sao Paulo area, come out to see me play some tunes with my friend Caetano Malta on Guitar...He has very groovy hair, always comes with a funky shirt, and plays a mean guitar....

Que Tal Hostel Arte

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