Saturday, August 22, 2015

Bits and Bobs

Hello Peeps and Peepers,
Its early Saturday morning, and instead of nursing a hangover, I am getting ready to go for a run...'A RUN??!!! '- You say! I know, before you all get up in arms at the thought of unnecessary physical activity being carelessly thrown around, I along with my husband have willingly signed up for a 10km 'trek' through some jungle on a little  Island called 'ILHLABELLA'- If we survive this, we might continue in this fashion...I personally like the florescent running shorts...

I digress.

This past summer I had the chance to perform with my favourite group of musicians. The Guilty Bird Band- Tina Jones, Bill Hicks, Marisha Devoin and Murray Atkinson joined me at the 39 Days of July Festival in Duncan BC. This year was my 3rd summer being a part of this amazing festival and this time around I was so very happy to have met so many new friends and fans. Thanks to all of you who lined up to get t-shirts ( Hope they are working for you!) and give me your e-mail address...Being able to tell you next when I am playing is so important!

As September is quickly creeping up, I am in the pre-production stage of another album...I will be recording it here in Sao Paulo with my friend Caetano Malta. Caetano has recently been working with  Lucas Santtana- A Brazilian Electro-Acoustic artist...Really funky and completely addictive...At the moment, listening to his songs is my major form of Portuguese lessons...Haaahaaa, don't know if that is great, but its working sofar!
Caetano started out by saying 'I want your sad songs'- Well luckily, I have a few...Despite being very happy, I tend to write songs that are bit more introspective...We are going to use a full band to record, along with drum loops and synths...A lot of reverb...Influences at the moment are :- Portishead, Tame Impala, (For the etherial parts) and Liam Finn (for the acousticy,rock-y bits)
At the moment, I have about 12 songs...including 2 co-written with Nick Haggar...A few are songs written an age ago, but never had a home...

For those of you in Canada, We will be back in January, performing at The Duncan Garage Showroom on the 7th of January...I have a lot of shows coming up in January, and you can check here on my SHOWS page....

For those in Sao Paulo, come out on Thursday September 10th to The QUETAL Hostel y ARTE and join Caetano and I for a night of music...New songs, old songs, and some strange cover tunes!

Love you all, Love me back
Camille Miller

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