Wednesday, January 20, 2016

My home on Native Land

Hey guys and gals,
I am writing to you from our home on Vancouver Island…Crofton infact.
Its 1020pm, the kids have just gone to sleep…I have mopped all the floors, made a chicken stew and am contemplating further organizing…Contemplation is the theme though...

We managed to get here in Canada, after our son Samuel had a wee bit of an accident, way back in early December, which involved his curiosity taking over and him putting his hand into a treadmill, while Ian was running on it…Thankfully though, he is fine and on the mend. Thank God for the quick thinking of my husband, his skill at rushing screaming family members to a hospital and the incredible care from the doctors at Albert Einstein Hospital in Sao Paulo…I have to also thank Ian's parents,
my parents and the wonderful support from the Physiotherapists at the Hand Clinic in Langford....Upwards and onwards.

I am reminded only tonight at how quiet and fresh it is here at our Island home…I think it might take me a few months to really appreciate the calm...

We head back to Sao Paulo on the 28th of Jan, just in time for the kids to start a new school year at Escola Da Vila… Man o Man, what a School!

I feel a little bit restless, as I don't really have any new and exciting musical news to report…But I DO have some news about a new 11 song album I am about to start recording this coming February.

2 of the songs on this new album will be co-writes with Nick Haggar. He and I wrote together for my first three albums (Somewhere Near The Truth )- Neverland and Primal Soup…The rest, is a bunch of new songs that I have been working on for the last couple of years...
Here are some vids, of the acoustic demos I have sent to my producer…Only you guys get to see them...heeehee
I have been playing regularily in an amazing place in Sao Paulo called Piratininga Bar. I feel very grateful to have these shows weekly and am working witht he same guys who will make my new album with me...xxxxx

Many new songs here…BABY songs… Have a peek, remember, they are only demos, and you should HEAR how far they have come, since I made these little videos.
Much love from me.

Friendly Fire
Time and Space
Primal Soup ( Haggar/Miller)

Neverland- ( Haggar/Miller)

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