Friday, February 12, 2016

I Once Knew A Man Named Jim...(Ode To FANG)

There was a time way back, when I was a little girl, that I was asked to memorize a poem.

The Aisle

 I came home from school, surely confused by this, and was instantly taken into the 'Dad-Cave'- It wasn't called that, back in the early 80's, it was just called a room (office) where we were not really allowed to go into under normal circumstances. 
At the time my Dad was serving in The Canadian Military, we would go in and watch him shine his boots, or iron his uniform and listen to the constant soundtrack of his youth... Maybe some Glenn Campbell, some Rolling Stones... I witnessed my parents playing Air-Ruler (pre- Air Guitar) to some very good rock n roll... When we were teenagers, this room also was headquarters for any verbal punishments... These usually consisted of a few words from him, followed by a lot of 'choice making' by us... Now as a parent, I am UTTERLY impressed by how few words were ever said, and NEVER any yelling... Somehow as a parent I have already used my quota of yelling within the 3rd trimester of pregnancy, even pre-

I digressed. The poem. Sorry.
Jim Miller, my Dad is a writer...So years ago he jumped at this moment to bond with me. Using all his years of Military training, he carefully trained me in the middle of a Winnipeg winter,to learn this poem....

There was a Boy whose name was Jim;
His Friends were very good to him.
They gave him Tea, and Cakes, and Jam,
And slices of delicious Ham,
I returned to school a beaming success,and this poem became the first of only two I have ever memorized...
Now, just for the sake of this blog, I tried to look it up to see who originally wrote it, to quote them and give credit.. But alas, I am finding out that after all of these years, this complicated, piece of artistry may have come from his brain...Dad?

Happy Birthday Dad!!!! You are the best.

Here is one of the songs he has always asked me to record...One day I will make a proper album of all of the songs he hears me singing.
Partners in crime

****** Side Note:
Jim Miller has read this BLOG, and has confirmed a few things.
1) My memory is crap ( I fixed the poem)
2)There Was a boy whose name was Jim- Thank you Ken Nesbitt

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