Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Seasoned and Saucy

24 years ago
As it happens every year, I seem to get older. I like to think that I am still as agile and graceful as I was 20 years ago...But since I was neither agile nor graceful 20 years ago, I will settle for the seasoned and saucy 40-something year old that I am.

Gave up female axe throwing career
To Bring my 42-ish year into a screaming start, I am opening up our house (Don't worry my husband knows about all of this!) to a few friends and acquaintances. Along with my amazingly funky Guitar playing buddy Caetano Malta, we and a few others plan to put on an a little show on my front porch.

So if you are in Sao Paulo, Saturday, February 27th, and want to swing by for some tunes,treats,tales and general sauciness, please e-mail me at for ticket info and my address...

Seasoned and Saucy House Concert
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