Monday, October 25, 2010

A Crazy Week... But Good Crazy.

Hey guys,
Well we almost have things sorted with this new blog-site. We did however run into a small but hugely time consuming problem.
I seemed to have let slip the fact that another domain name that I have also been using for ages expired and now is owned by some dude in Japan. The e-mail address attached to the gentleman in Japan is one of those 'automatic-non-personal-you will never contact a real person-ever ' kind of e-mail addresses. Hmmmmm
Besides that, I have got my first real gig in Sao Paulo! I will be playing two Tuesday nights( see tour page) during the month of November at Buchanan's Lounge. I am not quite yet sure of all the details, but I will fill you in as soon as I know. I also am aware that a lot of you who MIGHT be reading this, live in Canada. SO skip this section and read on to the next!
I have been just starting guitar lessons. For the first time in my whole life, I think I can handle learning just ONE thing properly. My teacher Silvio de Campos, is a fantastic, young Brazilian Jazz guitarist. Besides telling me CONSTANTLY to 'relax'- him and I get on great!!! I am hoping to work with him and his trio in the future...I just need to get the gigs that 'SHOW ME THE MONEY' time grasshopper...
Well, I shall go now.
I think maybe the key to me updating this on some kind of regular basis is to just chat a little bit at a time!

Love you all,
Love me back

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