Friday, November 12, 2010

from shoes to arm wrestling ...another day in the life.

Every girl loves them.
Even girls with...ummm "difficult feet".
My feet are large for this country, I admit....But I have found THE coolest place that has funky shoes to my liking(price wise) AND has my size...Check the brand out. Cravo & Canela
Ok, now that that is out of the way and off my chest...I will continue.
Once again this coming Tuesday night, the 16th of November, I will be playing at Buchanan's Lounge .
We will start at 930pm and play till roughly midnight. Last Tuesday was so much fun, and I am thankful people came out on a night where one's initial response would be to stay in and watch TV!!!
I have some great guys backing me up, Rian Batista on bass, Caetano Malta on Guitar and Beto Gibbs on drums.We will be doing a bunch of original tunes as well as some funky old-school soul stuff!
In December I am heading to Vancouver for Christmas and will be on the Mainland and Island till the 6th of Jan..Besides visiting with family, eating tonnes of food and trying to drive in the rain/snow/slush, I get to do some awesome gigs!
December 10th and 11th is with LUVSHAK my old band...(I get to sub-in for Kylee, the very hot and very talented blonde who took over when I left) We will be playing in Burnaby at The Scala Show lounge- Grand Villa Casino. I think the night starts at 9pm and it is free...
Sunday the 12th of December is a special, once in a LONG time kind of gig. I will be performing at Diners Rendezvous in Nanaimo with Tina Jones! Details are on the tour page.The 13th of December, I will be hanging out with my old friend Tash Baycroft to do a little acoustic video or two! He has been doing a really cool on-going project for years now called "NakedJams". He takes artists, and records a version of their songs as acoustically as possible and does a funky video for it at the same time...He has done such great work for the musical community on Vancouver Island...I am really looking forward to being a part of that..
Nick and I are trying to fit in recording two songs while I am in Vancouver.Still trying to decide which ones and trying to see where we can squeeze in and create a bit of music together.I have about 7 songs on my computer right now, that Nick has sent me over the last year...Lots of stuff to pick from.I also have a few new ones...So once again we will have to arm wrestle over several beers to see which ones get done.(God, we have NEVER arm wrestled..I don't know WHERE that came from)
Anyways, I digress as usual...From shoes, to arm wrestling.
Never a dull moment.
Love you all,
Love me back.
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