Wednesday, November 17, 2010

It was raining, it was pouring,

Still a few troopers managed to come out to Buchanan's last night...Thanks for hanging with us while we got to play music for felt like a private party...Well it kind of was I guess! It was great to meet my "Facebook Friend" Tom Hardt in real life. We are attempting, through e-mails in small  bits of English, Portuguese and French to arrange a show together...Will let you all know when it happens! Chris and Paul,I hope you enjoyed it!
Thanks also to the Santo Amaro Crew who made it out..I hope the "many, mini burgers ' were as tasty as they were cute...It somehow seems wrong to associate a burger with the word cute...But they WERE pretty cute!!
Last night was a first time meeting the drummer Beto Gibbs. He is such a talent...
Thanks again to Caetano Malta(guitar, and mini-music store!), Rian Batista(bass, general suggestions and Tequila) and Beto Gibbs(drums and Portuguese lessons on subjects that my teacher won't divulge)

Love you all,
Love me back
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