Monday, November 22, 2010

A little bit of bitching, with Justin Bieber in the background...

Hey Guys and Gals,
I am for the first time ever witnessing the latest teen-craze known as Justin Bieber. Wow, he fits tonnes of notes in few words, and has an INCREDIBLE church choir backing him up on stage. I think he is 12. What a way to make me feel lazy....Anyways, I digress already.
My shows were tonnes of fun here in Sao Paulo. I LOVED these last two gigs and loved even more the band I got to play with...There are some things that I don't love though. This list is much longer, so I will try to keep it short.
First off, whats up with avoiding paying me? Why do I have to stalk a place three times physically and three times via e-mail, end up dragging a friend who can speak Portuguese much better than me out to the place, spend money on beer, smile a lot, flash friendly Canadian smiles, nod compassionately when only half of the money is handed to me with promises of receiving the other half maybe next week
"when they get it"(I 'm to wait for a phone call.) I HATE being a Gringa!I don't understand this at all.
Secondly, if someone would just answer my questions when I ask them, (my Portuguese is more than challenging, I admit.)these situations could have been avoided. I don't mind if you have to wait three weeks to be paid for a gig that was "door money", I can handle this. Just tell me that this is how you pay ALL of your bands...
Okay, Okay, breathe.
I am heading to Vancouver on the 6th of December and have a few gigs lined up.Two with Luvshak, and one on the Island ( Dec 12th ) with Tina Jones.
I recorded a song with Chris Aiken when I was in Poland a couple of months back...I am rubbing my hands together constantly in anticipation of hearing it, getting it mastered and putting it out there for you guys to listen to.
The Guitar player that I worked with recently (Caetano Malta) suggested a few places here in Sao Paulo to check out and try to get some gigs...Does anyone want to come out with us next Saturday night??????? Lol, I am going to check out 

I would like to offer my newest song for free to the first three people that share this little blog here...

Dad, you don't count because you get to hear them all the time anyway...
Its hilarious, my Grandpa  wrote on my fan page, "Hi Cammy, it's Grandpa, I have actually heard all your songs already, but I'm still a fan. Love G'PA"
My dad wrote something similar, along the lines that I owed him
Ahh, my family is cute.

ummmm, well I think that's it for now, a little bitching. I wouldn't want you to think I am happy all the time.

Love you all,
Love me back!
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