Thursday, December 16, 2010

Planes,Trains, Automobiles, Baby Bottles, Buckleys and pure luck!

Okay, so far my promise of regularly updating this blog has 'fallen by the wayside', along with so many other things....BUT, I do at least have some things to update you on, so really we both win!
Hannah and I made it safely from Sao Paulo to Toronto, then Toronto to Vancouver, then Vancouver to Vancouver Island....It was a really long journey, but I couldn't have asked for any better travelling conditions...SO that part was allllllll good. Besides the car rental being twice as expensive than I had intended to pay when I booked it online, everything so far has been great. ( Note to future car renters...Just DON'T ask for snow tires...EVER....That is where everything goes wrong.)

I got to work with my old band LUVSHAK last Friday and Saturday night. WHAT a blast. Darren and Nick and CMD are still sounding as awesome as ever...I had EVERY intention of learning the 10 songs that I had to learn for the gig, word for word...But alas, that was one of my great intentions that too 'fell by the wayside'...Even though I was reading charts most of the night, we had a blast, and the audience was forgiving...I think I even saw a few front row dancers reading my cheat sheets as they were singing along..."Cheeeeeeeky"
Hannah stayed the night with my family in Burnaby, and my 12 year old cousin Emily Rose wins the "Baby-Whisperer" award of the year, for getting Hannah back to sleep whenever she woke up!

Sunday night I had the chance to perform with Tina Jones.When she is not wowing the crowd with cool, funky blues and Jazzy stuff, she is also in the children's band " The KERPLUNKS"
She was AWESOME, and I had to wait through her WHOLE set until we could play....It was painful to play after
We had a blast at the end of the night performing a few songs together and boring the ever so captive audience with old roomate stories...
She is such a fantastic singer and performer, and so cute you just want to squish her...Even though I had a bad case of "MAN-THROAT" Sunday night,  with Rick Salt on Guitar and Nick Haggar on Bass those guys helped me through it all, and what a great crowd...

Tomorrow night ( Friday) I get to go and hang out at my favourite clothing store in Nanaimo (CATWALK) and shoot an acoustic video for three or four songs with Tash Baycroft of NAKEDJAMS
Will keep you posted on how that goes...

Much love to you guys...Love me back PLEASE!
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