Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Is it a Canadian thing? Or am I just REALLY passive aggressive?..

Okay, so I am standing in a line up, waiting to get a warm croissant for my 2 year old. (I think I just gagged a little with that opening line.I didn't even know what a croissant was until a couple of years ago.)There are 4 people lined up, and 8 people working behind the counter. (I use the term 'working' very loosely) I order my croissant, pay, and stand at the end of the counter waiting for it. Meanwhile, I am complaining very quietly to no one in particular and in English. ( I am living in Colombia, I often assume no one speaks English.) Such comments like: "how many Fu&*ing people does it take to warm a croissant" and " don't put it in the oven again, its melting", and " I ONLY wanted one of the  croissants that you already have, I didn't expect you all to bake me a fresh one". Anyways, a lovely Colombian guy leans over my shoulder, and asks me in English if I would like him to pass on some of my messages....Well what do I say in return?
" Oh, no...it's fine, I don't mind waiting...Sorry for complaining so loudly, I didn't really mean it."
WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? The guy just looked at me like I was crazy, in fact he kind of looked sorry for me....Is it a Canadian thing? Or am I just getting even MORE passive aggressive in my mid-age?

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