Thursday, January 19, 2012

Rock Star Girl Crush

Kathleen Edwards.
I want to be her.
Not in a weird way, like I want to wear her clothes or anything...I just love how cool she is.
I love her songs, her stories, and I love just how Canadian she is.
I don't know how to actually define for you if someone is or is not Canadian. Besides the fact that she writes awesome songs about hockey,she also seems the kind of girl you could sit down and have a beer with, or maybe a few beer with. ( I never add 's' when I am speaking of beer in the plural form, I think of it like deer....'You see one deer, you see many deer. I had one beer, I had tonnes of beer'....See how this works for me?) She wear Jeans and plays a mean guitar...Those things seem very Canadian to me! I bet she can start a fire and keep it going with just a match, some hairspray, a pizza box and a few logs...( The hairspray isn't very Canadian, it just makes starting a fire much quicker.)
Anyways, she rocked The Letterman show the other night, and her whole band was fantastic. I am proud to be from the same country as her, and I hope she keeps kicking ass all over the world...Making music, drinking beer, playing hockey and maybe even teaching people how to really start a fire!

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