Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Nanaimo Bound...

Hey Peeps,
It is Valentines day and I hope you are all getting some lovely action. I mean that in the most romantic way possible!
I am writing this as I listen to the lulling sounds of my 2 year old screaming for me to lie down and go to sleep with her, and I am sipping a glass of red wine from a bottle that I opened a couple of weeks ago, I THINK it could be off, but I am not sure if that is really just how red wine tastes....hmmmm.
So very excited to have our friends from Brazil arriving next week...They have a daughter Hannah's age and another daughter Sammy's age, I am looking forward to the chaos of 4 adults and 4 children cruising the streets of Bogota...Okay, the yelling is getting louder from my daughter's room and I know she is going to wake Sammy up...hmmmm, the wine is definitely off.

Thanks for waiting, I had a little lie down with my girl, and she is off asleep....ahhhh, bless her!!!
 I DID want to mention , we are having a house concert here in Bogota the first Saturday in March...It is a little warm-up to the shows I will have in Nanaimo later on in the month. I have been practicing like a fiend as well as attempting to get in shape...I am not sure which one has been more difficult to do. With the practicing, there is always one child who objects to the idea, and with the working out, well M&Ms seem to creep into my house when I am not looking. I will prevail though. DAMMIT! (damn it, or Dammit, or damnit..easier muttered than spelled I think!!) I have my fingers crossed and may get to work with some pretty awesome musicians for this show....If it doesn't work out this time, I shall hound them for the next show!
All this praticing is leading up to some recording that I will be doing in Nanaimo. I am going to record 4 new songs with Rick Salt and am super stoked to have Doug Elliott and Pat Steward backing me up.

Sunday March 18th performing at The Diners Rendezvous

Sunday April 1st performing at  The Duncan Showroom

A house concert on Gabriola Island at The Home of Tina Jones date TBA

Recording starts March 15th

Okay, that is my update.
Love you all, Love me back

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