Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Leopard print wellies cover a multitude of sins

There comes a time in a Canadian girl's life when she has to peel off the knee high wool socks, tuck away the 7 different styled, brown, double knit, cowel necked sweaters, pull out the bic razors, bikini wax, tweezers and whatever other personal landscaping accoutrements needed by 'other' girls in warmer countries, hide away the leopard print wellies and head south to Colombia.
That time is coming up in a couple of days, and I have mixed feelings.

I LOVE Canada.

I love being Canadian, I even love how cold it is here a lot of the time, and that I don't HAVE to shave my legs all the time is another added bonus. I digress......

I love that as soon as I land in Canada, I immediately want a truck, I also love that I know once I hit the Toronto Airport I no longer even LOOK at Starbucks - I have a homing device on Tim Horton's, I am not even sure if I really LIKE Tim Horton's coffee, but I know I don't care. It simply says CANADA to me.

I have a PO Box with a little key and my mailing address consists of only a PO Box number and the name of my town... I mean, how cool is that? A woman drives up weekly to my house in a little blue Honda and gives me the local paper... There are 7 different boxes lined up strategically on the floor of my kitchen where my garbage gets disbursed according to strict recycling guidelines... You DO NOT want to mess it up- Trust me. I went out one Monday night with my husband to the local pub and pulled up stools beside the only other guy in the bar, (Chris.. local electrician) and OF course we stayed the whole night... Ends up he grew up in our house... See, things like that HAPPEN all the time in Canada...

I had some great shows here on this trip. I got to perform with really good friends of mine at The Diners Rendezvous. Doug Elliott, Murray Atkinson and Pat Steward backed me up and also laid down some bed tracks for four new songs. The week after I got to hang out with my girlfriend Shelley Beeston, she is the singer for the very well known Canadian cover band, BabyJane.... She has opened a new music venue in Coombs BC called The Soundgarden.... Finally, I played the VERY funky venue called  The Duncan Garage Showroom. This place was as funky as it gets, very intimate and even served popcorn...See what I mean about how cool Canada is?

Oh, wait... I also worked on a couple of new songs with Nick Haggar... It felt wonderful to sit together and work on songs... He is a fantastic writer, and so many of the songs that I have been playing for my last three gigs are co-projects with Nick... Looking forward to this summer when I get 4 songs finished here on Vancouver Island with Rick Salt ( THE Rick Salt, Jimmy Salt's brother of course ) and finish up with the new songs Nick and I were working on...

A note from the editor: Remember Ladies, A decent pair of knee high wool socks and a pair of funky wellies cover a multitude of sins!

Here is a link from my Duncan shows!

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