Friday, April 27, 2012


The instant sharing of people's joys and sadnesses that we now experience via social media such as Twitter and Facebook is something that I am still struggling to embrace.
In this situation, I am writing today about yet another friend, another musician from Vancouver who has passed, and without knowing really any details, I am so horribly saddened by this. I feel that I have peeked into the personal life of a family that now is going through what must be one of the saddest of tragedies to have to embrace, and I who was a mere aquaintance, is helpless knowing, there is nothing I could possibly do, to make this situation less painful, and is horribly saddened for Todd's family who is left to try to carry on.
Todd Simko was someone who, without really knowing me or Nick, helped us out in finishing our album Carnarvon Street back in 2004 and 2005. He took a lot of recorded tracks, from a lot of very talented Vancouver and Vancouver Island musicians, and with a huge amount of patience, and understanding, he created a beautiful album. He added his touch by playing a lot of guitar and Moog and pretty much any other funky instrument he could get his hands on. I believe he added a style to our album, that never before did we have and really have not had since.
When Nick and I met Todd, he was a new father. He has a beautiful daughter, and is married to a lovely lady, who I did have the honour to meet while Todd was working on our album.
Vancouver lost another amazing musician, producer, person,parent,husband and all of the other things friends of his have mentioned.
I only briefly spent time in Todd's life. But he, without knowing it, completely changed mine.

I wish him peace.
I wish his family strength and peace.

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