Monday, August 20, 2012

New Ep, New Video and New Pics

MComing up to the last couple of weeks for us here in Crofton, and now the time is starting to fly!
I had mentioned that I had been doing a little bit of recording at Lois Lane studios here in Nanaimo...Well that recording tied in with a few songs that Nick and I recorded with Chris Aiken, will shortly be a new EP. Titled ( Thanks to Gill and Guido ) Parallel to The Sea. It will be a 6 song Ep and hopefully, I should have this up and on iTunes by October 2012.
To go with the EP, I am finishing off a video for Tiniest of Hearts, here at my house, tomorrow evening with no other than Tash Baycroft. While Tash is at it and I am all gussied up, I thought I could get some promo shots done at the same time, mainly though my parents offered to watch the two midget tasmanian devils ( my darling children) for a couple of hours, so I am cramming in all I can in one setting!

Dirk Heydemann and I go WAY back...So do Tash and I actually. Dirk and I were in bands together and Tash and I hung out around Bagel restaurants back in the day....Well I was working in the Bagel shop, he was eating Bagels...SO basically, he gave me a

Along with Amber or ' The Beauty Queen ' (as most people in Nanaimo know her) on hair and makeup and overall mood setting...I feel I have THE best group of local Nanaimo artists helping me to create this EP.
Stay tuned for more info....oh and go get all beautified by Amber at 'The Beauty Queen' in Nanaimo at 2Lois Lane, or The China Steps!!

Wish me luck tomorrow, I am hoping I can stand tall, suck in my gut, stick my but out, elevate the appearance of my bust,show off the better shaded teeth verses the ones that have had all the fun, and appear youthful all at the same time....Have I mentioned that I LOVE MY PARENTS? Thanks Grandma and Grandpa Cat- The Devils are resting and awaiting you arrival tomorrow!
Buenos Noches
Camille xxx

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