Monday, August 6, 2012

Noisy Juice

I opened a beer tonight,sat down beside my lovely daughter to read her a bedtime story, and she raised her last glass of juice before bed and cheer'd to my beer, exclaiming " Mommy has noisy juice ".
Now I don't know how that sums up my parenting, but allow me to defend myself first....Ummmm, I am Canadian, and a Mom AND a musician and as a member of all of those groups, at the end of a long summer's evening every parent is entitled to their own version of 'noisy juice'!

This summer so far has been amazing, We have spent good quality time here at our home in the Metropolis of Crofton. We have had a lot of family come by and spend time with us...Mostly due to the fact that finally I live somewhere where more than 1 other person can spend the night...I feel blessed and feel like I am finally growing up a little bit...Just a little bit though!

I have done some more recording and with some luck, and stretching of the dollars, I might be able to soon put out a  mini album, or an EP. I have had the pleasure of continuing to record with Rick Salt ( I used this link for him as he doesn't have any site to promote himself, but the artists that he has worked with are LENGTHY...) and while working with Rick, I also got to have Tina Jones of The Kerplunks come in and work her vocal magic on harmonies for my songs. It has been an honour to work in such a relaxed environment and to witness some really talented musicians do their thing.
Back in March, I started shooting a video with Tash Baycroft of Redstar Films. I have to say working with him is a pleasure, and I have known him for YEARS...So we have some good stories to shoot back and forth about. He just got married ( Congrats Tash!) and will be finishing the video for 'Tiniest of Hearts' this summer.
Not only have I done a bit of recording, but also got the chance to be a part of a wonderful summer festival here on Vancouver Island called The 39 Days of July, which is put on every summer by the one and only Longevity John. You would recognise him easily as he wheels by on an adult version of a skateboard/ bicycle that normally would be associated with a pimply faced teen....Similar to the pic below, but with WAY more street cred!
I am looking forward to once again performing at The Railway Club for their annual International Pop Overthrow on the 30th of August this year...I am conjuring up creative ways to amuse my children at this very moment, so I can come out and perform, but also listen to the other bands...There are always so many great bands in this festival, I am just honoured to be one of them...This will be the 3rd time Nick Haggar and I have been able to be involved.
Anyways, I would like you all to remember the beauty of a few 'Noisy Juices' and with that I shall disappear until the next time something exciting happens...Also another thing to remember, do not make judgements about 'middle aged men with long hair and headbands riding around, seemingly lost on a mode of transportation fit for a teenager' because you NEVER know who they might be, and if they ARE Longevity John from The DUncan Showroom, say hi  from me, and thank him for inviting me into his wonderful world of Island Gigs!
Lots of love from the Noisy Juice Queen!
Cami xx

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