Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Fashion Flying Finns Farewell

Well, it is a sign of the changing times when this Guilty Bird happily stays home, cleaning dishes, listening to Billy Bragg and waiting for the inevitable waking cry of one or more babies whilst a household of friends go out on the town in DF on a Tuesday night....Change is fantastic! (Feeling smug, can you tell?)

We say farewell to our Finnish friends Kiia,Kimmo and Nemo today, and wish them well as they make their long journey back to their homeland. I never like to say 'good-bye' as such, more of a 'see you soon' or Hasta Luego... Joined by Carlos matienzo, Jose Grageda and Marina Covarrubias, we ate food, drank beers and passed around the acoustic guitar...All very fitting. We will miss our Finnish friends, and I will miss Mexico even more...It has been an amazing year and a half, and I KNOW we will be back again at some point....I feel blessed to have met such amazing peeps....
hmmmmmmmmmmm, what's next???

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