Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Uni-Boob

Well for those of us out there that were blessed (cursed) with more than a handful in the chest department, you know how it is when you go to try on dresses or blouses or anything but t-shirts
covered in children's cartoon characters. You get THE BOOB.THE LOAF. The Single pillow across the chest...No matter HOW hard you try, it's going to turn out UNI-BOOB-ish.....
Well today I got to do a fantastic little photo shoot for my upcoming shows this summer...
I thought I would squeeze in the most creative things I could do in my last few days here, with some of the best in photographers and make-up artists AND TEMPORARY Hair extensions (which I was also informed today, they are 'curtains' not extensions) available!
I also had lessons in which styles of tops and dresses I should be wearing as well as things I probably shouldn't wear...ahem, which, to my dismay makes up my entire wardrobe...
Well we live and learn!
I had the chance to work with this cool, lovely lady named Maripili Senderos. Maripili is THE DUDETTE as far as makeup goes here in Mexico City...Not that I WOULD HAVE EVER known that...My Finnish neighbours Kiia Waden and Kimmo Tuhulo have educated me in this field. She is lovely, funny and managed to make me look good in make-up...lol This alone is the sign of a talented person. (note: The Hair 'Curtains'...Loverly invention, clips into my hair in two seconds and comes off even faster!) Anyways, there is one of my lifelong fantasies covered ( I know...Sad) LONG, CURLY, red hair! TICK!
I got to again work with Carlos Matienzo, a great friend her in Mexico and a fantastic photographer. Not only is he the afore mentioned, but he also plays and sings a MEAN ' Ziggy Played Guitar' after a few beer(s)!  It was a great 2.5 hours this morning, which ended up on time for me to remove the extra hair, wipe off some of the make-up and whip into MOM clothes in order to get my lovely munchkins from school...VERY rock'n roll if you ask me.

I am now 3 days away from moving out of our home here in Mexico, heading back to Canada for the summer and then moving back to Sao Paulo for yet another adventure in 'professional foreigner-isms'.

I have some fantastic shows coming up in June as well as July on Vancouver Island and The Mainland. I am thrilled to announce that for my two dates in Vancouver and Victoria I will also have with me as an opening show, the one and only Ms. Jody Quine. I met Jody years back when I was working on a few songs for the project Balligomingo. Jody is one of their regular writers and singers, is an amazing performer and a REALLY funny woman. I am lucky to get to spend a little bit of time with her, and know all of you will love her, when you come out.

Well that's enough name dropping/ link making for me for one night...I have washed off the remains of my wonderful makeup, pulled of the last strands of luxurious hair, tamed the uni-boob back into its normal t-shirt form and am ready for sleep... Much love, See you all soon.
Camille xxxxx

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