Sunday, May 18, 2014

Gigs Gigs Gigs!!!

Hello Peeps and Peepers,
Here is my final schedule of shows for the summer on Vancouver Island and Vancouver as well.
I am excited to Have a show at The Railway, as well as one in Victoria...I MIGHT even have an amazing duo performing with me at these two shows...Will keep you updated.

My super,├╝ber talented cousin Emily Rose, will be hanging with us on the Island during the last week of June to act as 'Road Nanny/Merch Girl'- So I am thrilled once again to hang with her and have her rub off on my niblets...
My hubby is on vacation for two weeks from the middle of July, so the goal was to get the shows out of the way so we could just sit around, BBQ'ing and spending time with our friends...MOST important!- Check out below the shows, and as each gets closer, I will be reminding you all to come out!
Love you all, Love me Back
Camille xxx

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